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Did I Miss Anything?

21 May

Hey guys! I know I’ve been MIA. It’s been a crazy month, mostly with work and school. What time I’ve had online, I’ve spent on tumblr (Where I just did my first Disney giveaway, so that was fun).

Anyway, one of my followers on tumblr asked me why I haven’t posted anything lately, so I’ll just  copy and paste the my response post here:


Anonymous asked: “When are you going to update your animation blog?”

The Green Bat: “Oh lord you’re not the first to ask! I’m so ashamed, it’s been like over a month!

My time on Internet in general has been cut down immensely due to finals week. I really only check tumblr, for a few mins each day. I plan to write my next article in a week, after my Junior College graduation.

But big things are in the works! I’m going to write the second installment to my “Dead Disney” series, as well as a look into Disney’s propaganda masterpiece from the 1940s, Chicken Little. (The ORIGINAL one). Also one of my followers asked if I knew anything about Disney voice actor José Oliveira. There is virtually no information in English online, but a shit ton in Portuguese, so I translated a couple of articles from Brazil for them. (I do take requests, if anyone has any article ideas let me know!)”


So that’s that! I apologize for the inactivity, but I won’t let this blog die so early! So stay tuned!

Here’s a picture of Walt Disney making a salad to hold you over.