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The Return of Nemo?

2 Apr

Or, apparently  more like the return of Dory. I’m sure I’m not breaking news of this to anyone, as the news has been out all day. But Pixar has confirmed that there will be a sequel to Finding Nemo, and will be entitled Finding Dory.

If only I could get college credit for being able to speak whale.

If only I could get college credit for being able to speak whale.

I’m actually a HUGE Pixar fan. It’s my favorite animation studio, ever. (I’m sorry Walt Disney Animation Studios. But I’ve been constantly impressed by Pixar save a few exceptions. But your portfolio has some masterpieces, some bombs, and some ‘mehs’.  I know that’s not entirely fair, as Disney has been around a whole of a heck longer, but that’s just my opinion. I love me my Pixar)

So what are my feelings on the matter?


Dory please, your face!

I must be OUTRAGED right? How dare they make another Nemo film, while the previous one was fine on its own? Or I must be so EXCITED. So many opportunities! Pixar is a great studio, they must know what they’re doing.

That seemed to be the two options for everyone else. Either you’re upset because it’s going to be a bastardization, or you’re excited because it’ll be another classic.

My reaction? “Meh”. That’s right. Meh.

Come on, this film is coming out in 2015- at least. All we have is a logo, a one sentence description, and Ellen DeGeneres fangirling over the matter.

Usually it's me fangirling over Ellen. Seriously, she's hilarious.

Usually it’s me fangirling over Ellen. Seriously, she’s hilarious.

That’s definitely not enough for me to get invested into this film- for or against- yet. Just on all the internet spheres that I haunt around, people are generally freaking out about how bad it’ll be. And we have literally nothing to say that it’ll be bad- or good for that matter.

This is all we have.

This is all we have.

Ask me in a couple years when we see trailers and posters what I feel about it. I’m certain that I’ll have some strong opinions. I am curious about Nemo’s fate. That little shit should be grounded for all that trouble he caused.

One thing I will point out is that the setting for this film will apparently be the California coastline. I think that is an interesting contrast to the Great Barrier Reef. But how the hell do they get there?


Oh and PS. My first article should be ready by tomorrow. Jiminy Cricket, The Three Caballeros, The Crows from Dumbo, The Mad Hatter. What have they all in common? I’ll tell you about that tomorrow.