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A couple of words and some Oscars

16 Jan

Hello everyone, I hope that 2016 has treated you well so far! I want to thank everyone for being so supportive of my blog. I’m sorry it’s been slow content wise.

Now this is the point where I SHOULD say that’s all changing, but it’s not. Mother luck has smiled upon me this week and my laptop crashed (also my iPad screen cracked but that’s another story). I am unaware at this point when or even if my laptop will be fixed.

What this means for the blog is that updates will be slower for the time being, because it all depends on when I can get to the local library to leech off of their computers. I’m actually not too upset about this situation, as I need to spend less time online and walking 20 minutes to the library is good exercise.

I’m away in Wales next week for a conference, and the weekend after that I’m heading off to Rome. Which is fun for me, but not fun for people wanting to ready my goofy blog. I’m sorry, but I have big things planned in February!

I suppose I should say something about animation too? Since this is what my blog is about? Well this week we got nominees for the 88th Academy Awards. That’s fun!

Now, I’ve only seen a few 2015 animated features so far. Inside Out (which I saw AT Pixar, one of the greatest experiences of my life), Minions, Hotel Transylvania 2, and The Peanuts Movie (or as it’s called here in the U.K. Charlie Brown and Snoopy: The Peanuts Movie which is just a tad of an overkill IMO).

My thoughts on the films?

Inside Out




Hotel Transylvania 2


The Peanuts Movie


Alright, and my thoughts on the nominations?

Well, I’m overJOYed that  Inside Out received a nomination for Best Screenplay, very much deserved. I am a bit disappointed that it did not get a Best Score nomination however. Also, my favourite film of 2015, animated and not.

As for snubs? I’m also overjoyed that Minions was not nominated. Not only am I sick of seeing those little bastards everywhere, but the film was mediocre at best. I am also sad that The Peanuts Movie was not nominated. I felt that its animation alone justified a nomination.

I also want to say that I’m glad that Shaun the Sheep got a nomination on the basis that I love Shaun the Sheep. Aardman does great stuff.

What are your opinions on the 88th Academy Award nominees? Let me know!




Did I Miss Anything?

21 May

Hey guys! I know I’ve been MIA. It’s been a crazy month, mostly with work and school. What time I’ve had online, I’ve spent on tumblr (Where I just did my first Disney giveaway, so that was fun).

Anyway, one of my followers on tumblr asked me why I haven’t posted anything lately, so I’ll just  copy and paste the my response post here:


Anonymous asked: “When are you going to update your animation blog?”

The Green Bat: “Oh lord you’re not the first to ask! I’m so ashamed, it’s been like over a month!

My time on Internet in general has been cut down immensely due to finals week. I really only check tumblr, for a few mins each day. I plan to write my next article in a week, after my Junior College graduation.

But big things are in the works! I’m going to write the second installment to my “Dead Disney” series, as well as a look into Disney’s propaganda masterpiece from the 1940s, Chicken Little. (The ORIGINAL one). Also one of my followers asked if I knew anything about Disney voice actor José Oliveira. There is virtually no information in English online, but a shit ton in Portuguese, so I translated a couple of articles from Brazil for them. (I do take requests, if anyone has any article ideas let me know!)”


So that’s that! I apologize for the inactivity, but I won’t let this blog die so early! So stay tuned!

Here’s a picture of Walt Disney making a salad to hold you over.


Send help, I’ve been ‘Tagged’

11 Apr

Well, I’ve been tagged! And I know what you’re thinking.

“What’s ‘tagged’, why should I care, and what does this have to do with Animation?”

“Tagged” is this game circulating about the wordpress-o-sphere. My first follower and fellow animation enthusiast, The Animation Commendation, has tagged me. Basically Animation Commendation answered 11 questions. He tagged 11 followers. I, as one of those followers, answer 11 questions. Then I tag some other people, and they answer stuff.

This doesn’t have too much to do with animation, but you will get to learn a little bit about myself. And it’s always nice to know who the Sam Hill is behind the blog you follow, right?

The More You Know, right?

All right, let’s get started.

1) What is your least favorite color and why?

Oh boy, this is even harder than choosing a favorite color. In all honesty, I don’t have one? I even like browns and grays. But as far as lipstick colors go, I’m not big on Coral Blue #2.

“Actually it’s Coral Blue #3”

2) What word do you always mess up when trying to spell it correctly?

I end up spelling”Atheistic” instead of “Aesthetic” and those are two totally different things

3) What is your favorite animated film?

WALL-E. Maybe it’s my love for Silent Films. Perhaps it’s my fascination with Post-Apocalyptic scenarios. It could be how I was just so impressed with how the animators were able to carry a whole film with two characters-lacking in features like eyebrows and mouths- and still make them very expressive. Its humor, its heart, its pathos. Magnificent. (I’m actually terrified of robots however. They don’t bother me in this film. But robots creep me out in general)

I also am really fond of Pinocchio, Dumbo, and Ratatouille.

4) What is your least favorite animated film?

“What in God’s name is this?” ask those who were fortunate enough not to see it.

5) What school subject would you like to be eradicated from the curriculum?

I was going to say math, but that’s actually extremely important. I won’t go so far as to say it should be eradicated. But probably French. It’s an important language as far as culture and history goes. But Spanish, Japanese, German, Mandarin, Arabic, Portuguese are all much more useful languages for the 21st century. (As far as international business and technology are concerned). As I said before, maybe not get rid of it completely, but definitely we need to invest in other language classes as well.

The fuck is this

I’m sorry Bread Thief and main character of Les Miserables, Jean Valjean. But French has had it’s time in the spotlight. Also, I’m sorry to my French relatives and ancestors. Maybe its the German blood of me coming through.

6) Which celebrity have you met? And if you’ve never met one, which would you like to meet?

None! I actually live in the same neck of the woods as John Lasseter (The current Big Cheese at Pixar and Disney), and literally everyone in my family has met him except for me. The one out of all of us who is a big animation nut. Just my luck.

My life would get infinitely better if I met Steve Carell, Jon Stewart, or Stephen Colbert.

The triumvirate

7) Do you believe that the Loch Ness Monster exists?

Of course! And that bastard owes me Tree Fiddy. Don’t give him money.

8) If this is that, and that is this, then would a little bit of this and a little bit of that equal to one this or one that?



9) Did you understand the previous question?


“Ohhh! This makes it perfectly clear”

10) How amazing am I on a scale of 10 to 10?

A solid VIII 1/2

11) What song would you like to be your theme song to be played as you enter a room?

This would be intense.

Alright. So I have 13 followers so far! And you’re all amazing. Some of you have already been tagged, and some of you don’t have blogs. So my list of tagees is a bit small.

1. Leslie

2. mikemadigan

3. elliekayba

4. Thalita Carvalho

5. L. Marie

6. Merida DunBroch

7. AmandaLyn11

And your questions:

1. If you could date any super hero, who would it be?

2. Have you ever cried during an Animated Movie?

3. Would you rather star in a Western or a Sci Fi Film?

4. Which language do you wish you were fluent in?

5. How is a Raven like a Writing Desk?

6. What’s one quote that really inspires you?

7. How many States in the United States have you been to?

8. Which Disney character are you most like?

9. What is the cheesiest movie you’ve ever seen?

10. If you could be a bird, which bird would you be?

11. What is one job that you’d be terrible at?

The best of luck my friends! I look forward to reading your responses!


Anthony Bourdain, stap. Stap being so creepy.

Coming Soon!

27 Mar

Hello everyone! So I’ve done my fair share on rambling on several spheres of the internet. I feel like I’ve finally reached the point where I can manage a blog. I don’t expect this to be a big thing, but I’d like to share my thoughts with friends and other animation enthusiasts.

Right now I have a few posts in the works.

  • My top 10 Disney films. This started as an article for the Disney club page on fanpop. I also received interest on my opinions from some people on Pixar Planet. It’s 60% done.
  • One of my main interests in animation is its use as Propaganda. I’m going to examine Disney’s Chicken Little. (No, not the insipid feature film, but the brilliantly done 1943 short). It’s Disney’s only short to directly quote Hitler’s Mein Kampf, and I’ll explain the purpose for that.
  • I’m currently preparing a presentation for my Mythology class on animation as propaganda. I’m going to condense the 30 minute presentation to 10 facts on how the US government and Walt Disney teamed together to convince Latin American governments to not become Nazis- using animation.
  • Latin Americans in Animation. This article is a response to criticism against Disney for the “Sofia the First, Latina?” controversy. I’m going to look at films like Emperors New Groove and Road to El Dorado that are directly influenced by Latin America, and then films with Hispanic characters in them (i.e. Lady and the Tramp, Atlantis, Three Caballeros, Oliver and Company)
  • Rumors about a Disneyland in India or Brazil? Good ideas or Bad ideas?
  • Why I can’t stand Anastasia
  • The Crows in Dumbo
  • And something about Ward Kimball. Best. Disney. Animator. Ever.
  • A user on dA requested that I upload two Three Caballeros comics from the 1940s that I own.

That’s all I have for now! In the mean time I posted my short and sweet review of The Croods (Right here).